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Performance You Need at a Price You Can Afford
The TDS3014C digital phosphor oscilloscope ( DPO) provide you with the performance you need at a price you can afford. Its 100 MHz, bandwidth and 1.25 GS/ s sample rate facilitates accurate representation of your signal.

A DPO Provides Greater Level of Insight into Complex Signals.
To solve a problem, first you need to see it. The TDS3014C combines 3, 600 wfms/ s continuous waveform capture rate and real-time intensity grading so you can see the problem and solve it.

Fast waveform capture rates on a continuous basis save time by quickly revealing the nature of faults so advanced triggers can be applied to isolate them.

Real-time intensity grading highlights the details about the history of a signal' s activity, making it easier to understand the characteristics of the waveforms you' ve captured. Unlike other comparable oscilloscopes, the history remains even after the acquisition is stopped.

NEW - USB Flash Drive Support
100 MHz Bandwidth, 4 Channels, 1.25 GS/ s per Channel
10 K Record Length each Channel
Full VGA Color LCD
25 Automatic Measurements
9-Bit Vertical Resolution
WaveAlert Anomaly Detection
FFT and Advanced Pulse/ Logic Triggering
Optional Limit Testing, Advanced Analysis, Telecom Mask Test and Video Modules
TekProbe Interface
e* Scope Web-Based Remote Control
Ethernet included. Optional GPIB, RS-232 & VGA ports.
Optional Battery Power


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Address:Jl. Masjid Al Anwar No. 24 Kebon Jeruk Jakarta Barat 11540 - INDONESIA

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